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The Modern Quarterly is our first newsletter for MSI. Stay tuned to keep up to date on company updates and relevant seasonal articles.


Winter Tip #3

Be aware of extreme weather conditions. When you are facing extreme and deteriorating road conditions and you are not driving within your comfort zones, find a safe area and pull over. Wait until conditions don't be bullied into driving. You call the shots!

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Winter Tip #1

Transportation doesn't stop or change when the snow falls. How we drive or take care of our truck does. Be careful, be aware, be smart. #safetyfirst #MSI #Modernspecialtyinsurance

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Our Service Promise

Our service promise to our clients is what we feel separates us from other MGA's Your time is valuable. We respect that. 

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Winter Tip #2

In winter weather make sure to clear your mirrors and top up your windshield wiper fluid. Stay clear of those vehicles who haven't! Be safe.

#safetyfirst #msi #ModernSpecialtyInsurance

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