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About Us

With over 50 years of combined insurance experience, and several focus groups with insurance brokers later, our executives came to the conclusion that there is a demand in the wholesale insurance industry for niche products that meet the needs of clients but are easy to obtain for the brokers.

Fast forward to 2019, we now have an Insurance wholesaler that is ready to deliver on exceptional service for great individualized packages that help support our broker partners nationwide. We love to get feedback from our partners and improve upon an already more than exceptional wholesaler.

Company Values


Acting with strong ethics is a priority for every staff member and we strive to operate in accordance with a strong set of moral values.


We celebrate diversity and harmonize our collective experiences, varied backgrounds, and unique talents of every team member.


We inspire our staff to work as a team in full cooperation that inspires trust and respect to achieve a common goal.


We encourage everyone to challenge his/her own thinking and aim for a continuous improvement mindset to create products and services in response to our stakeholders’ changing needs and best interests.

Customer Oriented

We recognize that our customers are the reason  behind our success, and we are committed to providing quality products and reliable services.


We recognize that learning continues throughout our lives and see learning as essential to the longevity of our organization’s success.

Our Mission

Provide exceptional service with products that provide value for the end client and broker.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Become Canada's #1 wholesaler through strong connections with our insurance and broker partners. 

Send us a quick email if your brokerage is interested in working with MSI!

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