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At MSI, our team is pivotal in being able to provide a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of the insurance industry through their diverse experience. Our ultimate goal is to create long lasting relationships with each of our broker partners in the process.


Tony serves as President of MSI and licensee for all provincial MGA licenses. He has served in numerous leadership roles encompassing underwriting, operations and sales/marketing in the insurance industry for over 35 years. In addition, he has served in roles both as an MGA and Insurer executive as well as a broker executive with regional broker firms.

Email:    Direct Line: (289) 812-5004

Anthony (Tony) Passarelli


Direct Line
Sheldon White
Business Development Manager
(289) 293-1377
Hassan Hasham
Director of Finance
(289) 787-0607
Narges Hosseinzadegan
Junior Accountant
(289) 293-1635
Nancy Bennett
Director of Operations
(289) 787-0608
Jenn McColl
Corporate Trainer
(289) 293-9641
Sam L'Ecuyer
Operations Associate
(289) 293-1703
Jully Rodriguez
Executive Assistant
(289) 293-9661
Wendy Williams
Human Resources
(289) 293-1361
Paul Seaton
Product Development
(289) 293-1352
Amber Lewis
Senior Underwriter
(289) 812-6475
Bonita Keans
Senior Underwriter
(289) 371-0372
Brenda McKenzie
Senior Underwriter
(289) 787-0624
Kathy Powell
Senior Underwriter
(902) 334-3052
Joseph Poljak
Director of Underwriting
(289) 293-1772
David Sutherland
Intermediate Underwriter
(289) 371-1313
Jovan Jovicic
Intermediate Underwriter
(289) 787-0881
Todd Puhl
Intermediate Underwriter
(289) 452-2164
Prabhjot Kaur
Intermediate Underwriter
(289) 291-0956
Charmaine Aviguetero
Junior Underwriter
(289) 293-1650
Edgar Wang
Junior Underwriter
(289) 293-1507
Steve Lewis
Director Claims & Loss Control
(289) 293-1734
Colleen Saunders
Claims Advocate
(289) 293-2463
Mohammad Khan
Claims Service Representative
(289) 293-1657
Ghania Khawaja
Junior Underwriter
(289) 812-4938
Swara Shah
Underwriting Assistant
Udayan Burma
Intermediate Underwriter
(289) 293-2086
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